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Jade's Nativity

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Whether you are a new mother or already have a child(ren) of your own , or mommy to be ;many of us feel like a new mom with all the new technology, information, and alternative medicines that are more prominent in todays society.

Please view our services and/or write down questions you may want to ask regarding you or baby's wellbeing.  

**Consultations are for moms, new moms, and mommies to be. 

We are not medical professionals. We do not offer medical advice



Nurtured Nativity Collective

Prenatal Visits (3)
Postpartum Visit (1)
Lactation assistance 
Childbirth Education 
Nurtured Labor & Delivery 
*Lotus birth included

Precious's Collective

Prenatal Visit (1)
Childbirth Education 
Postpartum Visit (1)
Nurtured Labor & Delivery 

Della's Collective

Prenatal Visits (2)
Postpartum Visit (1)
Childbirth Education of Hospital Practice 
Birth Rights 
Nurtured Labor & Delivery 

Nurtured Lotus Nativity 

Lotus Birth Kit & Service
Virtual Monitoring 

Sacral Steam Service

Yoni Steam Kit & Service 

Native Notary Birth Rights 

This package is designed for those who intend on having a hospital birth which allows you to create a comprehensive birth plan document to be honored during your delivery and stay.

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