Evaluate Your Intimate Wear as a New Mommy

Now is the time if you haven’t already is to evaluate your intimate wear. Please make the transition to wireless bras and when possible as often as possible to go braless. Take the time to ensure you have ample sports bras or bras that do not have any wires. You have a lot of lymph nodes located in that area and all systems need to function without any hinderance. Another tip that was given to me in my first pregnancy is to purchase new sports sneakers. Many women experience shoe size changes after pregnancy. One tip I can say that has kept me at a size 8.5 even with carrying triplets is Reebok Classics. This may not be considered in style but it is for you to decide which is most important. 

 Stay active. Take time to incorporate or maintain an active lifestyle. This will help best keep circulation going along with assist with an easy birthing experience. 

Now is the time to look into all birthing options. Reading and even watching pregnancy blogs on YouTube is helpful. Consider birthing methods and environments revisiting those that line best with your personality and beliefs.

You may also schedule a consultation that best fits your particular needs.

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