Why am I experiencing nausea and/or morning sickness while pregnant?

It is normal to experience nausea through your first trimester. Some moms note morning sickness while others note all day sickness. As your body is going through hormonal changes, nausea is a common side effect. Another note not often considered is the perspective of the baby. When we first move into a new home prior to getting comfortable and bringing our personal items, we often clean our new home removing all dust and debris. Our babies are no different. Once the baby is connected to the uterus it is a cleansing that takes place in efforts to create and maintain an environment most conducive for growth and heath. Your body may also be experiencing a detoxing stage. Please help keep your baby's home clean by maiming if not solely eating organic raw fruits and vegetables. During your pregnancy there is important minerals and vitamins to maintain and foster a viable pregnancy. Eating frequent smaller meals every two hours can help/  Hydration is important. If you need assistance to determine how much water intake is needed each day and a gallon is far from what you are used to. The key number can be calculated by dividing your body weight in half and drinking that number in ounces as you work to get to 128 ounces. 

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