Collective of Services

Each of our services provide Nurture with the reverence of nature's essence and your maternal instinct while providing physical, emotional, and spiritual support to encourage your confidence. We are here as your physical point of reference to assist in making wise and holistic decisions. Jade's Nativity specializes in births of multiples, high risk pregnancies,  first tike moms and vaginal births after one or more cesarean. 
Please be advised each plan can be customized to fit ones needs as it pertains to both pregnancy and pecuniary. It is never too late to contact us to assist with your delivery. Please call or schedule a consultation for our "Last Call" service to provide a nurtured delivery in home, birthing center and hospital settings. 
Due to the maternity crisis in the BIPOC community, we offer special finance plans for its members.
We Service New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, & Maryland.

Nurtured Nativity 

Prenatal Visits (3)
Postpartum Visit (1)
Lactation assistance 
Childbirth Education 
Nurtured Labor & Delivery 
*Lotus birth included

Precious's Collective

Prenatal Visit (1)
Childbirth Education 
Postpartum Visit (1)
Nurtured Labor & Delivery 

Della's Collective

Prenatal Visits (2)
Postpartum Visit (1)
Childbirth Education of Hospital Practice 
Birth Rights 
Nurtured labor & delivery

Nurtured Lotus Nativity 

Lotus Birth Kit & Service
Virtual Monitoring 

Sacral Steam Service

Yoni Steam Kit & Service 

Native Notary Birth Rights